Meet The Team, May 2024

Meet the Team

Dr Jaqueline Harnett

B.D.S., M.F.D.S. M.Orth.RSCEdin.


Jackie commenced her dental training in University College Cork in 2002 and received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree in 2007 before working in general dental practice and for the Health Service in Ireland.

After completing a variety of hospital posts in the United Kingdom including paediatric dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, Jackie began her formal three years of specialist orthodontic training in 2010 where she gained a Masters in Orthodontics from Cardiff University and her Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. She has since worked in specialist practice and for Community Dental Services in Wales.

Jackie is registered with the Irish Dental Council and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.


Dr Jaqueline Harnett is a member of:
Dr Jaqueline Harnett B.D.S., M.F.D.S. M.Orth.RSCEdin.

Her work ethic and ethos are admirable. A true professional.”

Professor Eduardo Tapia Vidal

BDS, PhD, Ms Orth, Diploma Implant Dent.


Eduardo finished his dental training in The University of Sheffield in 1997 and worked in Madrid as General Dentist. In 2000 he completed a Two year Course in Dental Implantology and he started working at the European University In Madrid as an Assistant Lecturer in Orthodontics. From 2001 he has worked at the European University Dental Clinic, supervising undergraduate students in Paediatric dentistry and Orthodontics.

In 2002 he began a PhD in Orthodontics at the Complutense University in Madrid. Since then then he has worked exclusively in Orthodontics private practice. He got his Doctorate “Cum Laude” in 2008. In 2009 he completed his three years Master´s Degree in Orthodontics at the European University of Madrid. He is also specialised in Incognito Lingual Orthodontics and has the official Invisalign accreditation. He is now the Undergraduate Orthodontic Head of Department at the European University of Madrid and works exclusively in Orthodontics private practice in Dublin and Madrid.



Professor Eduardo Tapia Vidal

Undergraduate Orthodontic Head of Department at the European University of Madrid”

Dr German Tello Levinstein

Dentist degree, Masters in Buenos Aires University


German spent ten years in Buenos Aires studying. He received a dentist degree in 1997 from Maimonides University and after two years of doing postgraduate courses he completed the full time Masters in Buenos Aires University.

German is vastly experienced in a full range of orthodontic appliances and with a reputation for delivering great smiles and excellent facial aesthetics; German is passionate about creating confident, healthy smiles.
In 2014 German and his family moved from Valencia, his home in Spain, to Northern Ireland and since then he has been working in Dublin and Portadown.
Outside of work German is married with twin children, a boy and a girl, and at weekends enjoys family time, mostly spent over a barbecue and gardening.



Dr German Tello Levinstein IS A MEMBER OF:
Dr German Tello Levinstein, ORTHO Dundalk
Dr German Tello Levinstein accreditation

The full time Masters in Buenos Aires University”

Dr Heraclio Alves Barbosa Junior

Dentist degree, Bachelor in Dentistry – Federal University of Amazonas


Leo started his journey in Dentistry in 1992 in Manaus, Brazil. He graduated in 1996 as a general dentist, and right after he got accepted into the Orthodontics Program in Brazil. Today, he has more than 20 years of experience in Orthodontics. Besides orthodontics, in 2013 Leo undertook a master’s degree in TMJ disorders and orofacial pain in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In 2017 Leo moved to Ireland looking for new opportunities. He revalidated his degree in Portugal becoming a qualified dentist in Europe. Nowadays, Leo is working with ORTHO Dundalk, adding his expertise to deliver excellent patient care.

Dr Heraclio Alves Barbosa Junior

Dr. Gerald Roarty

Honours Degree, Trinity College Dublin


Dr. Gerald Roarty has over 20 years’ experience providing general dentistry and holds an honours degree from Trinity College Dublin. Gerald is professional with a good sense of humour. His patients say that he’s great at making them feel welcome, well cared for and assured that each treatment is tailored to their needs and timelines. Throughout his career, Gerald has been dedicated to improving his skills and knowledge, undertaking various courses in Ireland and the UK.

Dr Gerard Groarty