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Improving your smile has hugely positive effects on confidence and self esteem.

Ortho offers a solution focused hypnotherapy script written and recorded for you by Dr Hugh Bradley taking the concept of confidence and self esteem building further. Trance is a relaxed state of focused attention. This is an empowering tool kit for everyone wishing to reduce anxiety and walk tall. The concept sees that you have within -all the intrinsic resources needed to deal with all you encounter. Listen to the recording daily for eight weeks. It will help with patterns of disrupted sleep and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Where you feel perfectly well in yourself, the support script will empower and relax you further. It will not make the teeth move faster but it will make the transformation even more dramatic for you.

The session sound track lasts about 40 minutes. For maximum benefit, chose a time when you will not be disturbed. Listening to the script last thing at night before going to bed is ideal.

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